Intelligent Rerouting

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Intelligent Rerouting™

In the restaurant business, timing is everything. The introduction of Intelligent Rerouting allows the kitchen to have complete control over the timing and sequencing of meals for every table depending on what is ordered.

Let us show you how this works with the following two (2) scenarios.

In both cases, a Steak Tartare meal and a Pizza are being ordered. The Steak Tartare requires 30 minutes of preparation in the Chef workstation, while the Pizza only requires 15 minutes in the Pizza/Pasta workstation.

Scenario #1: There are two (2) servers, each with their own table.

The 1st server orders the Steak Tartare, while simultaneously, the other server orders the Pizza. So both orders are made at the same time and each order is only sent to the printer in its respective preparation workstation where the meals are prepared immediately.

Fifteen (15) minutes later, the 2nd table receives their Pizza and after another fifteen (15) minutes (or 30 minutes in total), the 1st table is served their Steak Tartare.

In this case, each order has nothing to do with the other and they are therefore prepared completely separately.

• Scenario #2: There is only one (1) table.

From that single table, a Steak Tartare meal and a Pizza are ordered. Now it is required that the meals arrive at the table at the same time.

If each meal was to be sent to its respective workstation, the Pizza would be ready 15 minutes before the Steak Tartare, which could result in either a customer getting a cold Pizza or the other customer sits watching the Pizza being eaten, while waiting for their Steak Tartar. This is not good service!

However, with Intelligent Rerouting, the system recognizes that the span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Pizza is dependent on the span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Steak Tartare. Therefore, the order from the Pizza/Pasta workstation is rerouted so that both items are only printed at the Chef workstation. It is then up to the chef who is preparing the span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Steak Tartare to call out the order of the span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Pizza when the time is right.

This gives the chef at the Chef workstation, complete timing and sequencing control of the meals.