Master Pricing

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Master Pricing™

Increase your profits with Master Pricing by having full control of your prices.

It’s very simple! You do not have to have any item in your menu with a $0.00 price!

For any item in your menu that is offered with discounted pricing when it is combined with associated items, Master Pricing can automatically adjust the associated items’ prices, strictly according to your policies.

A table is seated with two (2) clients.

The first client orders a Rib Steak (Master Item) and the second client orders Lasagna (Regular Item). In addition, they each order the exact same appetizer and coffee. The Rib Steak meal includes a reduced price for the appetizer and a free coffee. The Lasagna meal does not include any special offer.

When an invoice is created for the first client, the price will automatically be reduced for the appetizer and the price of the coffee will be set to zero. However, those same items will be fully charged to the second client.

Your control can go even further! You can specify how many times an item can be offered in a special offer. For instance, when coffee is included in a meal, as in the above example, the first coffee refill might be free, but any subsequent refill can be charged at full price.

Master Pricing not only increases your pricing control and profits, but also eliminates un-authorized gifting of items to clients by the server.