Rerouting of Orders

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Rerouting of Orders

Items can be rerouted to different preparation locations depending on either the physical location of the ordering station or depending on the table’s section on the floor.

This allows you to support multiple preparation areas for any destination such as multiple Bars and Kitchens, even on multiple floors.

This feature enables the server to place an order from any ordering station, independent of the order’s final location. This is essential when using portable tablets as ordering stations.

Your restaurant has two (2) Kitchens, each on a different floor. Each kitchen is only responsible for preparing the meals for the tables on their respective floors.

With other systems, the items for tables on the 2nd floor can only be ordered from the ordering stations on the 2nd floor.

However, with Presto POS, orders can be placed from any ordering station or even portable tablet. Our system recognizes the table to which the item must be served and sends the order to the correct preparation workstation in the correct kitchen.

But Presto POS even goes a step further!

Let’s say that the kitchen on the 2nd floor is only open from 4:00pm to 9:00pm on Monday to Thursday, but is open all day on Friday to Sunday.

During the time in which the 2nd floor kitchen is closed, the items for all tables will be automatically rerouted to their respective preparation workstations in the 1st floor kitchen.